Ric Heer is the proprietor of CSR Performance, builder and support shop for John Black’s Mid-Ohio Runnoffs winning #17 Spec Racer Ford. With 30 years of experience supporting SCCA Enterprises SPEC RACER FORD, the shop offers personalized attention for the full range of racing services including:

  • Full Arrive and Drive Program
  • Spec Racer Ford Rentals
  • Parts Sales to shop customers (we attend every Northern California SCCA Event at Laguna Seca, Sonoma, and Thunderhill)
  • Transport and Trackside Crew Support
  • Full Shop Repair and Fabrication services
  • Body Repair and Painting (customer cars)
  • Generation 3 Conversions

CSR Performance is available for out-of-Region SoCal and Oregon/Washington events by special arrangement. You can contact Ric at (530) 672-2629.

ARRIVE AND DRIVE: Racing Made Simple

Moving from just being interested in racing to actually sitting in a legal safe race-prepared car can be a daunting prospect; it does not need to be. An Arrive and Drive program is the ideal way to make that happen. What does that mean? It means you do not have to own a car, know how to maintain it, how to set it up, to repair it, or worry about the hundred things a race weekend entails. All you need to do is ARRIVE at the track with your suit, helmet, and HANS, and the car is waiting and ready to DRIVE. No trailer, no motorhome to pull it with (add up how many hotel rooms you can rent for the price of your support vehicles) and no tools; This is as simple as racing gets.

Most want-to-be racers do not realize many of the cars they see out on the track are rentals; at Drivers School, almost all of them are. Many racers never actually buy a race car but continue to rent. Others, after a season or two, may opt to buy their own Spec Racer and keep it in the arrive-and-drive program. CSR Performance will work with you to optimize your needs and racing budget.

For out-of-Region experienced racers, give us a call. You can fly in and have your car waiting at track side. Why wait to drive a car at any (why not all?) of the primer Northern California tracks; you’ve always wanted to drive the west coast bucket list tracks at Sears Point-Sonoma Raceway, Laguna Seca Monterey, or the SF Region’s own racer friendly Thunderhill Raceway in Willows.

DRIVERS SCHOOL PACKAGE: Getting Started in Racing

Each Spring -usually late February or early March – the SF Region hosts a 3 day Drivers School at Thunderhill Raceway. It is the one-stop, one-weekend, best bargain ticket to getting your SCCA Novice Competition License. Completion of the School and a Double Race Weekend within the next two seasons, will get you a full Regional Comp License. As a new aspiring racer, you do not need (trust us on this) the complication of worrying about your car; Your first priority is securing a race car for school and CSR Performance will work with you for a full no-stress School package.


CSR Performance’s price schedule is very competitive within the race shop market, and you are encouraged to ask around the paddock to compare rates. For those new to racing, a race shop charges for services in several ways:

  • Basic Shop Rate (basic setup and event prep for customer cars)
  • Basic Shop Rate (damage and repair of non-customer cars)
  • Transport: mileage to and from each track
  • Track Support: per day for crew support (repair at track is included for arrive and drive)
  • Storage (per month-customer cars are free)

Please call us for a candid conversation of likely costs and charges to match what your own specific needs might be; We are a traditional race shop and will welcome this. Give Ric a call at (530) 672-2629. You might be surprised as how accessible and affordable real racing is.

SPEC RACER FORD: How can a race car last 25 years? 

An SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer is unique in racing. It was introduced in 1984 (as a Spec Renault) updated to its current Ford 1.9 L form a decade later, and will again evolve next season (see below) BUT at last year’s SCCA Runoffs, chassis #3 (1984) ran alongside chassis #830 (2011).  How?  Absolute rules stability. Absolute Spec Everything.  If money will get you a racing edge, in Spec Racer, you cannot do it; it is factory sealed  EVERYTHING,  Engine, shocks, ECU, spec tires (beginning this year, Hoosiers) and every part except driver safety and data. Racing weight is set with driver so even racing weight is equal. Spec Racer Ford is about the racing; It comes down to this:

  • A purpose built race car (not a converted street car)
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Value
  • A Race Car for Racers
  • The Spec Racer Community

Surprisingly affordable and available on the used market (there are over 900 out there and new cars continue to be manufactured) it is not uncommon to race a few years and sell it for the same  amount as it was purchased for. Give us a call for an update on cars out there in the market.

THE GEN 3:  The Future of Spec Racer Ford

With the roll-out of GENERATION 3, car counts are up and gen 3s now account for about half of the SRF field. The third generation of SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer with its 1.6 litre DOHC Duratec is lighter, faster, sounds better, it will be even more durable, but it will still offer the same equality of racing experience we have all come to expect. Most importantly, current 1.9 litre cars will not be obsolete and will continue to be raced indefinitely at the Regional level with each being a separate class.

CSR Performance

2050 Bar-D Ranch

Rescue California 95672

Telephone (530) 672-2629.

fax (530) 676-7446